Urbex: RNTR Arrochar

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RNTR Arroachar was a torpedo testing centre opened in 1912 with the bulk of its activity occurring during WWII when approximately 12,565 torpedoes were launched into loch long.

Arrochar torpedo base

The centre did not test ‘live’ rounds and was used solely to test the range of torpedos. Seven recovery boats were in action each day to recover the torpedos launched into the loch. Working torpedos were then transported to RNAD Coulport for war heading.

Arrochar torpedo base

Arrochar torpedo base

Submarines would often be pulled up alongside the jetty to conduct Discharge Weapon System Trials. RNTR Arroachar supplied torpedos required for the Submarine Commanders’ Course, on these days over 40 torpedos would be fired into the loch.

Arrochar torpedo base

For more history and some great archive photos see here.

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Urbex: AEI Cable Works


My urbex career has peaked….way too early!

The AEI Cable works doesn’t have much left standing apart from this solitary building but this isn’t what we came here for.

Henley/AEI Cable Works


Henley Cable Factory


Finding something underground has been on the list since I started exploring. This specific trip was one of the most difficult entries with all of the main entrances being welded shut.

Sealed Tight

Welded Shut

The shelter was built for the Henley/AEI Cable work employees and to avoid confusion there were six separate entrances with clearly marked corridors to keep track of everyone and help employees find their way during a raid.



Toilet break?
Toilet Break

<-- First aid this way


A lone man's terror

The shelter was pitch black so playing around with torches was fun to expose the photos.
These were all taken in-camera using different torches/lights and only small elements of cropping to achieve the final result.

Keep this side clear.

Tunnel 4

Ground Level


Tunnel 4

Playing with torches.


The Looming Shadow

Fun with bike lights.