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Home of the infamous graffiti artist Banksy, famous for Brunel’s clifton bridge and of course like every great city it has a zoo!

Choose your path




Camouflage Frog


Overcast weather ruins the scene a bit!


Clifton suspension bridge



Japan: The Jellyfish

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Osaka aquarium is apparently one of the biggest in the world; with a huge tank in the middle containing whale sharks. Difficult to capture due to the low light and lack of tripod but these other sea critters delivered!

The big boss crabs!

The crab



The boss crab


Snake or fish?


Incredible details on this guy!

By far my favourite subjects were the jellyfish, they are enchanting!
Blue jellyfish
BW Jellyfish

Close up

Probably one of my favourite pictures of the Japan trip. (Click for full size on flickr)

Glowing jellyfish

Orange jellyfish

xray jellyfish

Red glow

BW2 Jellyfish


Croatia Wildlife

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The first of many posts containing pictures from my trip to Croatia. Anyone who knows me will know I am a bit of an animal lover and this definitely shows from the many animal related shots I captured this trip; I’m surprised my friends managed to put up with me for the 4 days.

Plitvice National Park

Known for its waterfalls and turquoise waters but don’t forget the wildlife; very disappointed not to spot a brown bear….added to the bucketlist

IMG_1382 IMG_1449 IMG_1436

The idyllic town of Korana

Every town no matter how small seems to have cats



Lokrum Island

Famous for its use as Qarth in Game of Thrones but populated long before this with Peacocks and Rabbits by the Austrian Archduke Maximillian

IMG_1708 IMG_1637 IMG_1634



A majestic Seagull minutes before it stole our sandwiches


One day I will own a Parrot for now I’ll have to be content being a gullible tourist although I’ve never been happier

IMG_1740 IMG_1756

View all full size images and my full Croatia album on Flickr

Comments and Criticism welcome. More Croatia posts to follow……

Day 1: The Learning Curve

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Today was the first day I’ve managed to get out and about with my new toy; after finally taking the plunge and investing in a DSLR I thought I should take the time to learn how to shoot properly utilising the full manual mode of the camera.

With a bit of research from a few great websites which gave me a basic understanding of DOF, Aperture, Shutter speed etc.

This is a fantastic resource to start with:

Here are the results; hopefully with practice I’ll see some improvements over time. No post processing used, haven’t even started to learn adobe lightroom yet.

Any comments/help to improve would be appreciated!

This shot took me ages to capture the colours I wanted when trying to capture the blue of the sky and retain the lush green of the tree. After fiddling with the white balance (definitely something I need to read more into) the result is closer to what i was expecting.