Day 1: The Learning Curve

landscape, trees, Wildlife

Today was the first day I’ve managed to get out and about with my new toy; after finally taking the plunge and investing in a DSLR I thought I should take the time to learn how to shoot properly utilising the full manual mode of the camera.

With a bit of research from a few great websites which gave me a basic understanding of DOF, Aperture, Shutter speed etc.

This is a fantastic resource to start with:

Here are the results; hopefully with practice I’ll see some improvements over time. No post processing used, haven’t even started to learn adobe lightroom yet.

Any comments/help to improve would be appreciated!

This shot took me ages to capture the colours I wanted when trying to capture the blue of the sky and retain the lush green of the tree. After fiddling with the white balance (definitely something I need to read more into) the result is closer to what i was expecting.