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Dubrovnik full of history and home to none other than the Lannister family!

Parts of the walls have been in place since the 7th Century and now a UNESCO world heritage site which definitely deserves this title.






The Fort of St Lawrence

Built within 3 months to withstand a Venetian invasion this fort still stands today. Also the location for a number of GoT scenes such as Joffrey’s name day tournament.



Plitvice National Park; First Exposure to waterfall photography

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Plitvice is gorgeous with over 73 acres of woodland, lakes and waterfalls the opportunities here are endless. Your choice of route around the park will greatly alter the views which you receive so I recommend researching the routes before you go.


The sheer size of the place was difficult to capture without a wide angle lens but I enjoyed the opportunity to play artistically with the flows of water and still cannot decide whether I prefer the silky smooth effect or the more realistic droplet effect between the two pics below.



Reviewing my work benchmarked against others found online I’ve noticed my composition of waterfall centric photographs needs to be improved which has resulted in low volume of pics posted as most of them I didn’t feel were presentable. As i thought definitely a learning curve, maybe one day I’ll travel to Iceland again and take what I’ve learnt there and also have a chance to capture the Northern lights (added to Bucket list).




A few more photos from the surrounding area:




Croatia Wildlife

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The first of many posts containing pictures from my trip to Croatia. Anyone who knows me will know I am a bit of an animal lover and this definitely shows from the many animal related shots I captured this trip; I’m surprised my friends managed to put up with me for the 4 days.

Plitvice National Park

Known for its waterfalls and turquoise waters but don’t forget the wildlife; very disappointed not to spot a brown bear….added to the bucketlist

IMG_1382 IMG_1449 IMG_1436

The idyllic town of Korana

Every town no matter how small seems to have cats



Lokrum Island

Famous for its use as Qarth in Game of Thrones but populated long before this with Peacocks and Rabbits by the Austrian Archduke Maximillian

IMG_1708 IMG_1637 IMG_1634



A majestic Seagull minutes before it stole our sandwiches


One day I will own a Parrot for now I’ll have to be content being a gullible tourist although I’ve never been happier

IMG_1740 IMG_1756

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