Urbex: Silverlands Manor, Chertsey


Sky's the limit

Once an orphanage, then a Nursing School and now left to rot since the 1990s after plans for a pedophile rehab centre were rejected.


The security around this place looked tight with CCTV on all angles and a large spiked fence…this proved easier than expected to slip through the front gate.

Silverlands Exterior

High Security

The extent of the security was soon dismissed once we found the control room! Weirdly all the power was still on.

We're watching you!


The impressive foyer/hallway reminded me of the Resident Evil mansion!

Banister Beauty



Abandoned Elegance

Beauty Remains

4 floors to explore including the roof.

Roof View




Broken Beauty

Retro metal grilled lift shaft leading to a brand new looking generator room.

A piece of history

Need a shovel?

Weight a minute, what are you doing here.

Boiler Room

Fully Operational

There were a lot of toilets…this by far was the weirdest

Desperate Times


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