B&W Old Skool Urbex

art, urbex

Before I purchased a DSLR my Dad gifted me his old manual camera an Olympus OM-20 which he hadn’t used since he switched to digital many years ago. It was still in perfect working order and was my first real taste of manual photography which got me interested in developing this skill.

Various sources told me that B&W film was the most forgiving for a first timer so I loaded my self with an ISO400 film and set off on a few adventures.


The aim of this trip was to explore some of the old abandoned military forts on the coast near Sheerness and attempt to find the rare Yellow Tailed Scorpions (which apparently glow in the dark) which can only be found on one particular wall in this small town.

The scorpion hunt failed miserably but we managed to explore an old military base complete with underground chambers containing long forgotten machinery.




This was a little bit too serious for our taste:


Abandoned Power Station.

Unlike Sheerness there was only one aim of this trip to find an entry into the desolate power station, explore and document what remained. After a brief escapade around a live cargo shipyard (MGS style minus the cardboard box) we realised “There must be a better way” this led us to finding a patch to climb over the fence and make our way inside.



What greeted us was a treasure trove; A room full on engineer blueprints, a central control room, the finance area complete with fireproof safe (still locked!) and more. One room was even full of possessions which made us think that someone must have been squatting here in the past although strange that they appeared to have had everything they owned on them (family albums, girls dolls, random assortment of books).




A map teased us with the possibility of an underground tunnel which we knew from prior research lead under the Thames however it appeared the owners had got there before us as it was heavily blocked and would have needed at the least a sledgehammer to get us through and this wasn’t high on out equipment list wanting to travel light and avoid any damage to what remained. Maybe next time……




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