Plitvice National Park; First Exposure to waterfall photography

Croatia, landscape, Travel

Plitvice is gorgeous with over 73 acres of woodland, lakes and waterfalls the opportunities here are endless. Your choice of route around the park will greatly alter the views which you receive so I recommend researching the routes before you go.


The sheer size of the place was difficult to capture without a wide angle lens but I enjoyed the opportunity to play artistically with the flows of water and still cannot decide whether I prefer the silky smooth effect or the more realistic droplet effect between the two pics below.



Reviewing my work benchmarked against others found online I’ve noticed my composition of waterfall centric photographs needs to be improved which has resulted in low volume of pics posted as most of them I didn’t feel were presentable. As i thought definitely a learning curve, maybe one day I’ll travel to Iceland again and take what I’ve learnt there and also have a chance to capture the Northern lights (added to Bucket list).




A few more photos from the surrounding area:





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